Work Ethics

The employee will have to follow the rules and guidelines laid down by Kirloskar Electric. Every department has its own Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). While working in his/her concerned department, a new employee will also be given opportunities to work in other departments in the future. This will give the employee an opportunity to thoroughly understand the workings of the company.

If an employee shows interest and talent in a particular department, s/he will be given the freedom to undertake a lateral shift to work in the department of his/her choice.

Work Culture

Kirloskar Electric is known for its quality excellence. The foundation of our success is the core values of knowledge, professionalism, respect, and integrity.

These values were instilled by Laxmanrao .K. Kirloskar, the founder of KBL, and by Ravi .L. Kirloskar, the founder of Kirloskar Electric. Our core values are reflected in our work environment and our day-to-day business.

We encourage and support our employees to attain levels of professional excellence by providing them various opportunities to strengthen their talents and improve their skills.

Work Opportunities

A new employee joining Kirloskar Electric can look forward to a long and bright career with the company. The employee will undergo thorough induction programmes, and will get sufficient time to work and understand the functioning of all departments related to Kirloskar Electric products and services.


Kirloskar Electric encourages its employees to amass as much knowledge as possible. Employees will be sent for in-house and outhouse training. They will also be given sponsorship to attend various workshops related to their fields.

Company Representation Opportunities

In future, Kirloskar Electric employees will get opportunities to represent the company in international exhibitions. They will be deputed to represent the company in various trade fairs in many European countries such as Germany, England, and others.