Battery Charger

Product Range

Range 15 amps to 500 amps, DC voltage to suit battery bank
Input supply Single phase & three phase
Topology Float, Boost, Float cum Boost Float and Boost, Redundant


  • Automatic changeover from Float to Boost mode and Boost to Float mode
  • Efficiency better than 80% at nominal input and output from 50% to 100% load
  • High reliability and minimum downtime due to usage of ribbon cable connectors
  • Soft start feature minimizes the starting current surges
  • Voltage regulation better than +/- 0.05V per cell in constant voltage mode
  • Ripple is less than 3% of RMS of full load current
  • Built-in status indication LEDs for diagnosis and automatic electronic trip and pulse inhibition
  • High degree of immunity towards supply transients
  • Regenerative feature is available as an option

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