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Laxmanrao. K. Kirloskar

Founder, Kirloskar Group of Companies

Shri Laxmanrao Kashinath Kirloskar was a successful industrialist. His chief merit lay in the trail he blazed, for the principles in life he depended upon were his vision and a spirit of pioneering.

Ravi. L. Kirloskar

Founder, Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

Shri Ravi. L. Kirloskar was the youngest son of Laxmanrao and Radhabai Kirloskar. Having a degree in electrical engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, U.S.A., he began his professional career at Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. In 1942, he designed and built India's first electric motor at Kirloskarvadi with his colleague N.K. Joshi. He went on to head Kirloskar Electric, and guided the company to the highest levels of excellence.

"Quality must go beyond standard tests and procedures. It must be equated with self respect and personal pride." - Ravi. L. Kirloskar

Shri Ravi. L. Kirloskar's vision was simple. He wanted Kirloskar Electric to be recognized as a symbol of quality, not only in India, but in the entire world.

Shri Ravi. L. Kirloskar was a man who was the epitome of his name. Throughout his time at Kirloskar Electric, he illuminated the company, his colleagues, and employees with his knowledge, intelligence, foresight, and calm demeanour. He was a symbol of immense strength and character to his employees. All who worked at Kirloskar Electric looked up to him as a father, friend, and guide. Quality was always on his mind. His keen knowledge, foresight, and desire for quality excellence made Kirloskar Electric the successful conglomerate it is today.