Training & Development

The training and development activities at Kirloskar Electric ensure continuous growth of the organization. We nurture the strengths of employees by providing a cohesive work environment, and opportunities for every individual to realize his/her potential.

The policy aims at broadening the outlook of an individual while bridging the gap between actual performance and result-oriented performance.

The emphasis of training is on self development and all-round growth. They imbibe technical competencies, interpersonal competencies, intellectual competencies, and business competencies. The aim is to achieve customer satisfaction with continually improved performance as individuals and departments.

The effectiveness of our training and development activities depends largely on the correct analysis of training needs of individuals and the organization. The annual training calendar is compiled, released, and executed based on the "training needs survey" data. This includes the competencies required, improvement of job skills, and customer satisfaction. Training schemes are prescribed for senior executives, managers, supervisors, and operators in the fields of management, marketing, technical, quality, IT and general programmes.

Other training programmes include:

  • Trade apprentices training, graduate/diploma/commercial training as per the Apprentice Act, 1961
  • Customer service engineers training
  • Branch service engineers training
  • Training at collaborators
  • Management development programmes
  • Special technical skill training programmes
  • Job rotation training
  • Induction programmes
  • Sponsorship to IIT and IIM seminars